VMC-3 Machining Centers 4-Axis
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VMC-3 CNC Machinings Center with GSK CNC control. State of the art components and service for Linear rail CNC machining center.
VMC-3 CNC Machinings Center with GSK CNC control. State of the art components and service for Linear rail CNC machining center.
Year: New
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Price : US$49,950.00
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC New, Inc.
More Information
CNC New, Inc. is assembeling CNC machine tools from our facility in southern California. We offer a wide selection of options and features that allow us to provide customer specific manufacturing solutions. Standard feature is 4-axis CNC control. Our ability to support the machine systems we manufacture guarantee you will have years of productive service from our products. The VM-3 comes with the standard features that include coolant system, work light, spindle air blast, 16-Station dual arm robotic tool changer, fully enclosed splash guard, leveling bolts and pads, auto lubrication, rigid tapping. Call or email for a complete price and specification details.
Max. X-Axis Travel 31.5 in 800 mm
Max. Y-Axis Travel 19.7 in 500 mm
Max. Z-Axis Travel 19.7 in 500 mm
Spindle Nose to Table 5.9 - 25.6 in 150-650 mm
Spindle Center to Column 22 in 560 mm
Table Size 43 X 20 in 1100 X 500 mm
T-Slot Number 3, T-Slot Width 18mm, T-Slot Center Distance 150mm
Max weight on table 1764 lbs 800 kg (evenly distributed)
Power Rating 7.5/10 hp 7.5/11 kw
Speed Range 10-8,000 rpm
Max Torque 70 Nm, 15.7 Pounds
Taper Standard BT40
X, Y & Z Motor Power 2.7 hp 2 kw
X, Y & Z Motor Connection Coupling
Tool Changer Type Carousel
Capacity 16
Max Tool Weight 8kg, 17.6 pounds
Max Tool Diameter 130 degrees
Rapid on X, Y, & Z Axis 1,181 ipm inches per minute, 29.99 m/min meters per minute (Optional Speeds Available)
Cutting feed rate 393 ipm 9.98 m/min
Positional Repeatability +/- 0.0001 (one tenth) / +/- 0.00254 mm
Positional Resolution +/- 0.00005 (50 millionths) / +/- 0.00127 mm
Positional Accuracy +/- 0.0001 (one tenth) / +/- 0.00254 mm
Construction SAE METRIC
Column Construction Large Span Herringbone Construction
X, Y and Z Guild Rail 1 1/4 in 35 mm
Ball Screws Precision X, Y & Z Ground 1.57 in 40 mm C3 Accuracy
Auto Lubrication Linear Rails and Ball screws
Requirements SAE METRIC
Coolant Capacity 25 gal 95 lit
Coolant Pump 3/4 hp 0.5 kw
Compressed Air 5 SCFM(Clean,Dry Air)
Power Required 16 KVA 42 amps
Voltage 208-240 VAC 3 phase standard (Other options on request)
Machine Dimensions SAE METRIC
Machine Height 98 in 2,508 mm
Sheet Metal Length 89 in 2,260 mm
Sheet Metal Depth 90 in 2,300 mm
Machine Weight (approx.) 16 tools 11,900 lbs 5,400 kg
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