SL-10 Slant Turning Center with GSK 980TDi
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ST-500CNCNEW 980TDi st360 LS-160A LS-160SP LS-160DTR
SL-10 Industrial Slant Lathe: Longer center lengths on request, optional 3
SL-10 Industrial Slant Lathe: Longer center lengths on request, optional 3" spindle bore model. 10-Station Gang Tool Turret Disk and or a 8, 10 or 12-Station VDI-30 standard options.
Year: New
Location: Santa Ana, CA
Price : US$60,995.00
Status: New
Manufacturer: CNC New, Inc.
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We are delighted to present the SL-10 10-station static turret lathe. This machine has optional turrets available that include the 10-station 30mm gang tool turret disk, The VDI-30 10-station turret disk both are available at the listed price. Please look at complete turret specifications from the tooling & Accessories section of our web site and request pricing on additional turret model options. Our single-piece heavy casting is the culmination of years of experience in machine tool manufacturing and offers the best features for gang tool and turret lathe construction. We are using the highest quality motion control components and bearings that results in affordable machines that perform at the highest performance levels of other more expensive machinery builders. These machines are ideal for dedicated production applications. We can add parts catchers, chip conveyors and auto loading systems to maximize the machines usefulness. The NEW 980TDi CNC control with updated software/hardware is a very aggressive full-featured control with 2ms block processing and programs with G-codes and M-functions. This control uses the GSKLINK bus technology, matched with 17bit absolute encoders that carry out automatic recovery of the system power-on no-block mechanical zero return, servo parameter on-line modification or servo state on-line diagnosis, etc. We are using a servomotor and drives on the spindles to perform C-Axis functions. This combination will provide the best performance and number of duty cycles per minute, and will also facilitate the use of live tools. Standard Features: 4-Axis simultaneous control, 5-axis digital feed control, 2-axis analog feed control, LAN interface Ethernet Port, complex curve surface machining speed: 8m/min optimum machining speed: 4m/min, Max. Positioning speed: 60m/min max. Feed-Rate: 15m/min 1000 block look-ahead and spline interpolation, Excellent high-precision and high-speed interpolation, Supports macro programs (Macro B) more concise programs, Supports PLC online monitoring, edit, compile and signal follow functions, Supports multiple languages with a change of a parameter, Supports RS232, USB and network interfaces and data transfer, DNC machining and USB on-line machining, Color LCD monitor with 800 X600 resolution 8.4 or Optional 10.4, Rigid tapping, graphic programming, run and test program by hand wheel, 208v (Range 190-240) 3-phase system electronics. 64M program space 60Mb user storage (program capacity).
Capacities SAE METRIC
Max Swing Over Bed 15.74 in 400 mm
Max Swing Over Carriage 8.6 in 220 mm
Max Turning Diameter 15.75 in 400 mm
Max Turning Length Turret 16.5 in 420 mm
Travels & Feedrate SAE METRIC
Max. X-Axis Travel 9 in 230 mm
Max. Z-Axis Travel 19.7 in 500 mm
Rapid on X-Axis 787 in/min 20 m/mm
Rapid on Z-Axis 787 in/min 20 m/mm
Axis Max Feed Rate 400 in/min 10.15 m/mm
Spindle & Motors SAE METRIC
Spindle Motor 15 hp, 11 kw
X & Z Axis Motors 3.3 hp, 2.5 kw
Max Spindle Speed 4000 rpm
Spindle Bore 2.4 in 61 mm
Spindle Capacity 1.9 in 49 mm
Spindle Nose A2-6
Chuck Size 8"
Optional Chuck Collet 8 in 203 mm
Hydraulic Motor Power 2 hp
Hydraulic Tailstock SAE METRIC
Tailstock Travel 17.71 in 450 mm
Tailstock Quill Travel 3.9 in 100 mm
Tailstock Quill Diameter 2.8 in 72 mm
Tailstock Quill Tapper MT4
Integral Casting One Piece Construction, Slant Angle 45 degree
X Axis Ball Screw Spe. 3208-C3
Z Axis Ball Screw Spe. 3208-C3
Rail Span 15.75 in 400 mm
Auto Lubrication Linear Rails & Ball Screws
Precision SAE METRIC
Positional Repeatability ± 0.0001 (one tenth) 0.00254 mm
Positional Resolution ± 0.00005 (50 millionths) 0.00127 mm
Positional Accuracy ± 0.0001 (one tenth) 0.00254 mm
Spindle Runout 0.0005 (50 millionths) 0.00127 mm
C-Axis Indexing Increment 0.001 °
Requirements SAE METRIC
Coolant Capacity 18.5 Gallons 70 Liters
Coolant Pump 3/4 hp 0.5 Kilowatt
Power Requirement 15 KVA-40 amps Voltage 208-240 VAC 3-Phase
Machine Dimensions SAE METRIC
Machine Height 5.6 in 1700 mm
Sheet Metal Length 103 in 2640 mm
Sheet Metal Width 68 in 1750 mm
Machine Weight 7,716 lbs 3,500 kgs
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